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About Me

Welcome to Everything Obsessed, here is everything you need to know about me.

My name is Elizabeth, I’m  23 years old and from the midlands of Ireland. I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts. I studied Business in Information Technology in college and now work as a Business Development Analyst in an IT company. I love to share my opinions and I am a Self Confessed Shopaholic.

My true loves in this world are TravelMakeup, Photography, Lifestyle, Beauty, AnimalsReading & much more!! Can you guess why I called this blog Everything Obsessed?

You are likely to find a lot of different things on here from Travel to Beauty to Biking to Work.

Everything Obsessed Blog Elizabeth Keenan

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Everything Obsessed Blog Elizabeth Keenan
All photos were taken on Google Nexus 6P, GoPro Hero, Sony Alpha A5000 or Nikon D40.