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5 Tips to Get Your Life Back on Track! [Post Covid Life & Life update]

5 Tips to Get Your Life Back on Track | Everything Obsessed | Travel Blog

Hello Everyone! 

Firstly I’d like to thank Femme Luxe for these clothing pieces. I’m obsessed with everything on their site and although I am not going to get to wear some of these pieces to festivals this year I had so much fun styling them in my house for this photoshoot with Sarah.  I can’t wait to wear this dress when I have something Big to go to! 

Lately, I have been falling down a rabbit hole of unproductiveness and feeling sorry for myself. It’s a fallacy to believe that most people don’t go through different phases of this in their lifetime. Sometimes it can be really hard to get back on top of things when it feels like they’re piling up and overflowing. You can feel overwhelmed and just completely at a loss when it comes to getting stuff done. 

5 Tips to Get Your Life Back on Track | Everything Obsessed |
Orange Top from Femme Luxe | Malia Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Dress – Femme Luxe*

At the beginning of the lockdown, I was very productive, kept up with friends and, of course, kept up with physical fitness. I won’t deny that getting Oberyn has been a lot of work and has been very tiring, but also very rewarding to see him grow into such a happy, loving doggo (even though he loves getting into mischief 🐶). Over the last few weeks, I began feeling more overwhelmed than ever before, and started lagging behind. So I’m doing what I need to do now, giving myself a kick up the bum and getting on with things! 

Flaca Mesh String Tie Top – Femme Luxe | Leena Velvet Polka Dot Puff Sleeves Top – Femme Luxe*

There are a few clever ways you can actually make or trick yourself into being more productive, back on track and to not feel so overwhelmed. I’m going to share with you the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years, as someone who is prone to procrastination and who feels overwhelmed 90% of the time.

  1. Exercise and Get Out More. 
    This one is quite obvious but it’s so so so important! Exercise literally gives you energy, makes you feel better/healthier and can do wonders for your mental health. That doesn’t mean you must go to the gym and work out strenuously. Just getting outside for a short 15 min walk before you start work for the day can help immensely. 
  2. Schedule in your Habits and Allow Yourself to Relax/Enjoy Things.
    Another semi-obvious one, but it’s amazing how much less you procrastinate, when you have fewer things to procrastinate about! I can be guilty of looking through my calendar for too long, getting up for snacks and strolling through social media for too long. How do I resolve this? I give myself a slotted time for social in the mornings before starting work, where I can do my posting at optional times and allow myself to browse for a while. This helps me to re-focus on the important tasks at hand.
  3. Dress and Act the Part. 
    Simple as – we all know that when we put on a great outfit, we automatically feel like we’ve upped our game and can take on any challenge. Likewise, acting like you’re an organised person will trick your mind into being more organised! It’s a mindset, there really is truth to ‘Fake it till you make it’.  
  4. Stick to your Schedule, Even if it’s Only in a Small Way. 
    For example, you’ve scheduled in 35 mins for a short work-out but ran over with other things, and only have 5-10 mins available to do the work-out. Why not try doing a shorter work-out or just one portion of your work-out. You’ll feel better and more accomplished but also won’t feel like you completely failed on that task. 
  5. Accountability. 
    Selecting someone (friend/family/colleague, etc) to ‘monitor’  your goals, and having to report to them when you have done a certain task, can really motivate and push you to get things done. It’s a way to stay focused and feel accountable for staying on course. Again, it’s a mindset.

I hope that the methods I’m utilising for my post-lockdown re-boot make sense to you, and that it somehow helps you to re-focus your own re-boot!!


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*Some clothes in this post have been gifted. 

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