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8 Things no one tells you about Biking to work (Plus Tips)

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It seems to be the new big thing, ‘ biking to work’. I’ve decided to jump on the band wagon. There are a lot of things people don’t tell you or you don’t realize before you start biking. Here is a list of things you should know before you get started.

If you have to cycle on the road, it is VERY scary at first. Cars will speed up and can drive recklessly just to get by you. I’m lucky that nearly my whole trip is on a separate bike path along the river. Passengers exiting parked cars may not notice you and open doors blocking your path.

Here are the 8 Things

  1. If you do cycle along a river area be prepared to come across Ducks, Geese or Swans. Ducks most likely wont come near you, as for Geese & Swans just keep your distance. They may hiss at you but generally will leave you be.
  2. Everyone else looks or acts like they’re a ‘pro’. Your going to feel like everyone’s looking at you as if you don’t know what your doing (and you might not know what your doing). You’re wearing exercise leggings & a T-Shirt? What are you doing?? Everyone else is in their professional bike gear!! But, your exercise leggings are FINE. After a while you’ll get comfortable and feel like a ‘pro’ yourself.
  3. Your ass will hurt, I’d suggest getting a gel seat cover or some pants with really thick material on the butt area.
  4. You will be slower than EVERYBODY else, yes even that old man can cycle faster than you. Unless you’re physically fit, play sports or have cycled before you will be slower than pretty much everyone else.
  5. Sweat. You will 100% need a shower once having arrived at work and possibly again once you have arrived home in the evenings. Especially if your journey is more than 10 mins long or during the summer months.
  6. You can’t bring as much to work as usual. The heavier your bag is, the harder it is to balance.
  7. Slightly up hill roads are a bitch. Surprisingly more so than steep roads. While steep roads are difficult, you know what you’re getting into. Allowing your mind and body to prepare. Slightly uphill roads trick your mind into thinking it’s flat.  Leaving your body expecting easy peddling.


Now here are some tips to help you with your biking experience.

  1. Use bike paths where possible, even if it’s slighty longer than the road
  2. Comfy shoes & clothes are essential
  3. Always wear a helmet. You can fix your hair on arrival
  4. Water is essential
  5. You don’t have to be the fastest cyclist, go at a pace you’re comfortable at


Hope this helps anyone thinking about cycling to work or college. It’s not all bad and definitely worth it.




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  • Laura

    I’m going to get a bike seat cover before I start! Thank you for that tip

    September 27, 2016 at 11:24 am Reply
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