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Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I’m a  travel and lifestyle blogger (well, I try to be!) from Ireland. I’m 27 and live in Dublin, Ireland. Originally I am from a place right in the middle of Ireland called Longford. I’ve been to more than 30 countries so far, and my main goal in life is to visit every country in the world.

For as long as I can remember, I loved writing. Writing short stories and reports were my favourite things to do in school and college! When I was younger, I used to read blogs all the time (before it was actually a normal thing to do) and ‘dreamt’ of being a blogger – mainly because I loved the idea of having my own little space online where I could share my creativity and experiences with the world. So one day, while I was travelling around America, someone said: “if you want to start a blog, why don’t you just do it?”…. so I did, and here we are.

Everything Obsessed | Irish Travel Blogger

Why the Name Everything Obsessed?

It’s quite simple – I literally like so much stuff, have so many ideas and enjoy talking about so many things, I find it hard to stick to one topic only. Although I mostly focus on travel here, you will certainly see posts about the environment, makeup, clothes, maybe some food and more. This is my online journal and it will fluctuate as my life does.

Where did I get my love for travel and adventure? 

From a very young age, I was always travelling! My mother is from America (yes, that does mean I have dual citizenship and can move back and forth between America and Europe whenever I want), so my first trip was at 8 weeks old when she brought me to America so the family could meet me. Apparently, I made her stand up the entire flight, content when she was standing but screamed when she sat down #Soz Mom.

My dad died when I was pretty young, so it was just my mother and me. I’m lucky enough to have grown up in Europe where countries are small, close together and easy to access. If you grew up in Ireland or England it is very unlikely you didn’t take a summer holiday to Spain or France at some stage while growing up. Because so much of my family live in America, that meant we’d go at least 2-3 times each year growing up, and I spent most of my summers in Rhode Island throughout my teenage years. I guess I developed my love of travel from my mother as she was constantly whisking me away for a weekend in Paris or a road trip from Nashville to Rhode Island. I was either going to love it or hate it…I think we know how that turned out!

Growing up in the millennial generation is obviously quite different from the generations before and after. I spent most of my time till about 12 outside playing, exploring and having fun with my friends. While I did not grow up on a farm, many of my friends did, which meant I was out jumping on bales of hay, rounding up sheep and ‘going up the fields’ to explore. So perhaps this is where my interest in exploring and the love of animals came from!

From then to now,

During my teen years, I developed a love for the internet: reading blogs, creating Piczo websites and custom skins on Bebo and MySpace. When I finished school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to do something creative. I decided to do a 1-year course in creative digital media. I learned a hell of a lot, from building websites to editing movies, and coming up with business plans. It was honestly so great for me, and is what helped me decide what to do next. The following year I found myself enrolled in a Business and Information Technology course, in what is now called TU Dublin.

After college, I worked in a company for 2 years as a Business Development Analyst and then into a marketing-specific role. Part of my time in this company was spent in their Boston office. During this time I travelled around America quite a bit, and it was during this I started my blog. While I had intended to write mostly about makeup and fashion, with west coast road trips and weekends in NYC, that quickly changed.

After almost a year in North America, I returned home to Ireland. While I loved being back in Ireland and close to my family and friends, I decided it was time to move on from my previous job. I wanted to travel more, see what was out there, and I just needed a break from being overly consumed with my job (I was only 24 at the time). So just like that, I decided to quit my 9-5 job, pack as much stuff as possible into a backpack and set off!

We spent 8 months travelling around two different continents, through 10 different countries. I’m trying to share it all now, here and on my Instagram.  While travelling full time was great, and I learned so much, I did start missing home and made my way back to Ireland. After a couple of months of relaxing at home, I found myself in a lovely marketing job at Pexlify, where I love working! Just because I’m not travelling full time does NOT mean I’m not living a travel-filled life. There’s so much of Ireland I never took the time to see when I was so desperate to escape to the other side of the world.

Right now I am focusing on house hunting, being a full-time dog mom, exploring more of Ireland and Europe (and making plans to visit more places I haven’t been to)! I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I’ll be sure to bring you guys along for the ride!

PS. Self Confessed Shopaholic, so you can expect to see some of that reflected here!


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All my photos are taken on Samsung Galaxy S21, GoPro, Sony Alpha A5000 or Nikon D7500. I occasionally use stock footage if I have failed to capture a photo of where I am. 

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