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Best Restaurants Nantes | Where to Eat in Nantes France

Visit Nantes | Restaurant

Best Restaurants Nantes | Where to Eat Nantes France

Where to eat when you visit Nantes?

So if you read my post on why you need to visit Nantes, you’ll know I loved my time in Nantes. I’m sharing the best restaurants Nantes has that we ate at. Overall I found the food in this city to be quite fabulous. I don’t think we ate anywhere that I did not enjoy immensely. We did try savoury crepes for dinner one evening, which is not something I’d typically go for, but it was quite nice all the same!

Here are my favroutie resturants-

Where to go for Lunch:

Little Atlantique Brewery

8/10 Lunch📍Maps location

The Little Atlantique Brewery is a very cool spot. The food here was great and the service was so nice and welcoming. This building is an old industrial building converted into a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing restaurant & brewery. I opted for a classic Fish & Chips option, followed by some beer tasting – of course.

Best Restaurants Nantes | little atlantique brewery

La Passagère

8/10 Lunch📍Maps Location

La Passagère is a lovely spot for lunch or coffee/pastry. The food was beautiful and the selection of pastries & deserts was out of this world! I opted for a very chocolate dessert as you can see from the photo. This is an excellent spot for lunch if you’re exploring the Pommeraye Passage!

Best Restaurants Nantes | La Passagere

Where to go for Dinner:

Le Cigale

10/10 Dinner📍Maps location

Le Cigal has been in Nantes for over 100 years. It is a popular spot for artists and celebrities to eat at when visiting Nantes, and you should make sure you visit it too! Just the aesthetics alone are enough of a reason to dine here, not to mention the amazing food. Of course, I opted for fish & veggie options, and they did not disappoint. Of course, we had some Muscadet 🥂

Best Restaurants Nantes | la cigale

Le Bouchon

9/10📍Maps Location

When you eat at Le Bouchon, it feels like you’ve discovered a little hidden gem. The restaurant is, of course, lovely with a great atmosphere, but also has wonderful food too. While there was an array of options, I opted for scallops as a starter and fish as my main. Both were delicious, but the scallops were exceptionally nice. Again, we had some Muscadet.

Best Restaurants Nantes Le Bouchon

Le Coin des Crêpes

7/10📍Maps Location

Did you even go to France if you didn’t get a crêpe? Being from Ireland you automatically associate crêpes with sweet flavour and for dessert, so I decided to try my first ever savoury crepe. It was quite interesting, I enjoyed the cheese for sure but if I’m honest, I still prefer sweet ones! So I got a classic chocolate one as well. Unlike Ireland, this crepe is made with dark chocolate sauce, so it tastes a bit richer. I did enjoy this restaurant, however, I found the crepes did not fill me up as much as I would have liked – maybe I should have got 3-4.

Best Restaurants Nantes le coin des crepes

Best Restaurants Nantes:

  • Little Atlantique Brewery [Lunch]
  • La Passagère [Lunch]
  • Le Cigale [Dinner]
  • Le Bouchon [Dinner]
  • Le Coin des Crêpes [Dinner]

I hope this post helps if you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Nantes. There are so many nice places to eat in every corner of the city, this is just a handful that I enjoyed from my experience.


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* I was invited to visit Nantes – All views are my own.

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