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Bondi Sands Review

Bondi Sands Review

Hey, guys! I know it’s been a while but after a blogging break (it’s been how long since my 5 Best Restaurants in Boston?), I’m back with a brand new review post. I have a lot more posts coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!! Now,  here is a Bondi Sands Review.

Today’s review post is of two products I received from Bondi Sands recently. They were so good I had to share with all of you!

So to start, the two products I’m reviewing are: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam  & Bondi Sands Liquid Gold 



The feel

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam

Really nice and not greasy! I absolutely HATE tan that is greasy and takes hours to dry. I was surprised how quickly it dried.

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold

This is perfect for a more instant tan. I really liked it but if I’m completely honest I felt the self-foaming tan was so good I didn’t need anything over it. I would recommend this to people looking for a more instant glowy tan! It also has a nice glowy feel on your skin without feeling too oily.

The smell

It smells like coconut… need I say more? The smell is probably one of my favorite things about Bondi Sands tan. Even other tan’s that try to mask their smell with other scents seem to still have that horrible tan smell. Not Bondi Sands. This only smells of coconut, yes only of coconut. There is no bad after smell when you shower which is something I have noticed with other tans that have a nice smell in the beginning but then become worse.

The Look

So incredibly natural I was actually very surprised. You might have seen me sending loads f snaps if you follow me on snapchat (@everythingobses) about how tanned I’ve been looking from this. I have always wanted to be brown and not orange when it comes to fake tan, and this is one of the only products that really comes out in a brown colour.


Last’s pretty long. I put one layer on (that was actually all I needed as it’s dark enough) on a Thursday, by the next Monday it was still even and dark. Again, I was surprised as I shower a lot!

Conclusion / Rating

I love them!!! It is rare that I am so surprised by a product, but Bondi Sands have really surprised me. I honestly thought I could never love another tan as much as Cocoa Brown but this is now my top spot Rival. That is why I had to this Bondi Sands Review.

To summarise the best points:

-Great smell
-Brown, not Orange
-No Streaks
-Long Lasting

Bondi Sands ReviewBondi Sands ReviewBondi Sands Review

You guys know I like to do reviews since my very first one on my Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits and all my monthly favorites posts, so expect lots more soon!!


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