Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Christmas Gift Guide

Hi, I’m back again… this time with a Christmas Gift Guide for Her! I cannot believe it’s Christmas time already. It’s crazy to think that it’s been a whole year since posting my Christmas in New York blog post!!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram & Snapchat (@Everythingobses) you’ll know I’m in New Zealand. It is definitely weird to me that it is getting hotter and hotter as Christmas nears. This year, I’ll be in Australia for Christmas, and I am so excited for it!

If you’re in Ireland, I’m sure you’ve watched the Late Late Toy Show (I still haven’t watched it due to limited internet access in New Zealand), and are visiting Dublin and Galway. The one thing I’m missing about being away from home this Christmas is the shopping, and trips to Galway. Galway has always been one of my favourite places in Ireland. At Christmas, the lights make it a magical place!

I get asked a lot by friends about what they should get as gifts for others. I, myself, LOVE giving gifts to people, maybe even more than I like receiving them! So here I have laid out a few gift ideas for the women in your life. Whether it be your girlfriend, best friend, mother or sister, I hope this gift guide will help you this holiday season.

Christmas Gift Guide

Playing it Safe

I truly believe there is no harm in ‘playing it safe’ when it comes to gifts, when you feel unsure of what to get someone. Some things you can choose, which are great for all, are classic items such as Christmas jumpers, bath sets, hot chocolate set, chocolate boxes, and pajamas. I find sometimes, it is best to buy a few smaller things and put them together as one package, to make a more personal gift from the typical ‘safe’ options. Here are some good classic items:

The Classics:


Bathrobes and Blankets:
Scarves and Blankets:
Pj sets:



For the Christmas Lover

We all have that one person in our lives who Christmas means EVERYTHING to. You know you HAVE to get this person a Christmas gift that is Christmas themed or related. Here are some things you can get them that screams Christmas all over!

The Animal Lover

We all also have that one person who is animal obsessed. Obsessing over cute dogs and cats, laptop and phone screensavers of baby animals. In my group of friends, this is me, haha! So here in the Christmas gift guide, are some cute animal things and pet accessories I, myself, would like.

Meaningful and Different Gifts

Some people are worth putting a bit more effort into a gift for. Sometimes it is not just about giving but the meaning of giving and sharing. Here are some gift ideas for you to give to ‘that’ someone.

  • Donate money to a charity in their name
  • Handmade gift, it’s very easy to make a candle on Youtube!
  • Personalized calendar – my friend gave me one a few years ago and it was my favorite gift that year!

The Girlo

If you’re Irish you know what this means. These gifts are for the girls who are the ultimate… girls! Should this be its own Christmas gift guide? haha


Hope this post helps you this Christmas!


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