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My Winter Coat Collection 2016

I’m a little obsessed with lovely winter coats / jackets, so I decided to share these with you.  ‘My Winter Coat Collection 2016′  comprises of the jackets I’ve been loving this year (or for a few years). With being in a place like Boston, you have to make sure you wear coats that will stop the cold. But saying this, I love fashion so I need to be stylin’ too, haha.

Oasis Khaki Coat

I’ll start with one of my favorite / most reliable coat of all. I’ve actually had this coat for 3 years now, and it is still keeping me so warm in winter. It has a complete faux fur lining on the inside that is amazingly warm when its cold outside. The great thing about this coat though, is that the faux fur lining on the inside is removable! You can wear this jacket in spring & autumn too. This is the perfect everyday coat for winter time, in my opinion. Here is Michelle Keegan (p.s I’m totally obsessed with her) wearing it when it came out, so it must be amazing right?

Unfortunately, I cannot find this exact one online but have linked some similar below the picture

Oasis Khaki Jacket | My Winter Coat Collection 2016

Oasis Khaki Coat (Similar here)

(A good) Jean Jacket

I feel like a good jean jacket is so important in everyone’s collection! I actually have 2 that I love – one is a good ole blue denim, the other is a light blue / bleached jacket. First up is my blue denim jacket. This belonged to a friend of mine and is from Aeropostale. It is also from the men’s section, but it it has such a nice fit and is very warm.

Aeropostale Denim Jacket | My Winter Coat Collection 2016 Aeropostale Denim Jacket | My Winter Coat Collection 2016
Aeropostale Blue Denim Jacket (similar here and here)

Next is my light/bleached jean jacket. I am so in love with this light denim jacket I got from Primark.  This one is not that heavy and may be more of a fall jacket, but I wear a jumper under it. This jacket was a steal at $5 – no joke! It was reduced somehow, and I’m seriously proud of this find.

Primark Denim Jacket | My Winter Coat Collection 2016

Primark light denim jacket (similar here)

Faux Fur Coat

Next up is something that everyone needs for dressing nice, a faux fur coat. I picked this up last winter but never got to wear it. So I am excited to wear it this winter. This one is from Forever 21 and it is great quality. It is  soooo warm too.

Faux Fur Coat | My Winter Coat Collection 2016
Forever 21 Faux Fur Coat (similar here and here)

Bomber Jacket

Again, every girl needs a good bomber in their closet. It is essential girlo material. I picked up this rose gold bomber in Primark recently. What’s really cool is it’s reversible, so it is like having 2 rose gold bombers.

Primark Bomber Jacket | My Winter Coat Collection 2016 DSC00219 DSC00225
Rose Gold Bomber – Available in Primark stores

Vintage Cardigan

If you don’t have any vintage / old pieces in your wardrobe, you need to go to a vintage store right now. So this isn’t properly vintage but it did belong to my Mom years ago, and when I spotted it I had to have it. I just love it and it’s so comfy but stylish with that retro look.

Vintage Cardigan | My Winter Coat Collection 2016 Vintage Cardigan | My Winter Coat Collection 2016
Retro Cardigan

Sophisticated Waterproof Jacket

Lastly,  a really good quality jacket that looks sophisticated and waterproof. So you might have seen this jacket in my ‘October / November Favorites‘ . It is from Michael Kors

Michael Kors | My Winter Coat Collection 2016Michael Kors | My Winter Coat Collection 2016
Michael Kors Jacket Available here (on sale right now)

Hope you guys liked this post x

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