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Taking Care of Bleach Blonde Hair

Bleach Blonde Haircare | Everything Obsessed Blog | Elizabeth Keenan


Hello guys, I wanted to share my most recent video with you guys on how I take care of bleach blonde hair. 

I get a lot of questions about my hair and how I keep it vibrant and healthy since I bleach it so often. 

I’ve had some crazy times over the last 12 years of bleaching my hair. From my hair following out, being yellow, orange and once even accidentally grey – and not that lovely silver-tone a lot of us are loving right now! 

I wanted to share this video and post with you guys as I feel there is a huge misconception that it’s impossible to have healthy hair and be platinum blonde. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Seriously tho, for years whenever I would go to a hairdresser they would basically try to convince me to make my hair darker, act like my hair was this damaged piece of china that would break if a bit of wind blew my way. Acting like my hair was so bad it might break in their hands!!! I’m not even joking!! I’ve had hairdressers not know what they’re doing and messed up my roots and leave them yellow/orange and then stand there telling me it’s done… 

That’s why below the first thing I mention in my best practices it to find a good hairdresser. I honestly cannot recommend my hairdresser (Megan in L’ombre Tallaght) enough! In general, the salon is great and they are so friendly and open. I feel some hairdressers can feel so cliquey and I’ve never had that feeling in L’ombre! I’ve had my hair cut by a few people in there and would definitely also recommend Mark too if you’re looking for a haircut! It’s honestly refreshing to go to a hairdresser that actually cut your hair how you want and ask and don’t constantly try to convince you to make your hair darker! 

Ok that’s my spiel over but you can see how much I like my hairdressers 😅anyway, let’s take a look at some of the highlights from my video.


  1. Go to a hairdresser who is qualified in scalp bleach L’omber Tallaght – (I recommend going to Megan) 
  2. Only use Scalp Bleach on your roots
  3. Don’t blow dry your hair
  4. Only wash your hair 1-2 times a week (max 3 times)
  5. Leave your hair to be very greasy hair when you get your roots done
  6. Brush hair before, during, and after showering
  7. Put conditioner in roots when washing hair


Well, that’s the guts of it, I hope you enjoyed this video & post and it helps if you are blonde or considering going blonde. 


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