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Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

Things to do in Auckland

Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

It’s been quite a while, I know, I’m sorry! But I’m back with a bang! I’m sitting here in my little camper van somewhere in New Zeland  No, now I’m in Australia finishing this post, haha. Today’s post is all about things to do in Auckland, New Zealand. I spent the first 4 days of the trip in Auckland and really enjoyed it!

If I’m honest, I was quite surprised by the number of people who said to me ‘just get out of Auckland and experience “Real New Zealand” ‘. Auckland is definitely a big international & multicultural city, but it was great! It was a fun, clean and pretty city. 

Here are some things to do in Auckland if you’re visiting – bonus, they’re all FREE or cheap! 

  1. Treck up Mt. Eden (Free)
    A popular thing to do in when visiting Auckland. A dormant volcano which helped form Auckland area, Mt.Eden (also known as Maungawhau) is about 20-30 min walk or 5 min drive from the city centre. It takes about 15 – 20 mins to hike up. The view of the city from the top is the best there is, and there is also a large central crater from the last eruption that looks pretty awesome. It was definitely one of my favourite things to do in Auckland. 
  2. Sky Tower ($26 NZ)
    The sky tower is like other city sky rises – it’s Auckland’s version of the CN Tower (Toronto). I didn’t have the chance to go up it myself but I’d say it has a great view! 
  3. Try all the different types of food. ($-$$$)
    Auckland has soooo many different types of food. It’s like New York! There is quite a lot of Asian food (which I LOVE). There is also a Cheesecake place called ‘Uncle Tetsu NZ’ that is meant to be AMAZING. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to try it because the queues were so long. 
  4. Museum of Fine Art (Free)
    The Museum of Fine Art is so nice and has quite a large collection. It is free-entry, which is a bonus! If you like artwork, I can’t recommend this enough.
  5. Walk to the Harbour / See the Harbour Bridge (free) 
    The Harbour area in Auckland is really nice! You can get a nice view of the city as well as across the water. While we were down there, we saw that there was an art display. Seeing the Harbour Bridge is also great!
  6. Take a Stroll in Albert Park (Free)
    Albert Park is a beautiful park right in the heart of Auckland! There are lots of birds, trees, and fountains. You’d nearly forget that you are in the middle of the biggest city in New Zealand.
  7. Visit Aotea Square (Free)
    Aotea Square is a lovely square, also in the heart of Auckland. Some nice structures and regular live street music can be found here all day. There are a few coffee shops and plenty of places to sit down. Definitely worth checking out!
  8. Have a look at Eden Park (Free or $$-$$$$ if you want to go to a game)
    Are you a Rugby Fan? We walked down to Eden Park the first evening, as we were staying close by. It was very cool to see, and the front doors are glass so you can see right into the stadium. There are a few Maori sculptures and cool murals on electrical boxes around the stadium. 
  9. See all the Street Art and Murals (Free)
    If you know me at all or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know how obsessed I am with murals! In fact, I recently started a separate Instagram page dedicated just to murals around the world (@AWorldOfMurals).There are soooo many murals of all different shapes and sizes located throughout Auckland! I’m actually thinking of doing a separate post on them here! I marked as many as I could find in my google maps and will share them with you here on the blog! 

                                                                               Some photos from Mt Eden

                        View of Auckland from Mt. Eden - Things to do in Auckland View of Auckland from Mt. Eden - Things to do in Auckland 

                        View of Auckland from Mt. Eden - Things to do in Auckland Crater of Mt. Eden - Things to do in Auckland

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it helps if you plan on visiting and looking for things to do in Auckland! 


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