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Vine Vera Review

Vine•Vera Merlot Collection Review | Everything Obsessed

Hi Dolls!

Hope you all had a great weekend. If you’ve been following along on Snapchat (@everythingobses) you’ll know I was in Rhode Island last weekend. I’m back in Boston now and have a new blog post for you! This post is a full review of the Merlot Collection from Vine Vera.

To start off I wanted to inform you guys a little about my skin before trying these products. I have combo skin and have had a bit dehydrating over the last few months. So when Vine Vera offered me samples to review I couldn’t have been more excited! The Merlot Collection is recommended for regular combo skin.

I really liked this collection. My skin feels so much softer since I started using it. Below I have shared my opinions on each item from the collection.

Resveratrol Cleansing Kit

Vine•Vera Merlot Collection Review | Everything Obsessed Vine•Vera Merlot Collection Review | Everything Obsessed

Resveratrol Milk Cleanser & Resveratrol Balance Toner

I really this Milk Cleanser. It is light on the skin and is perfect if someone has sensitive skin as it does not irritate the skin. It also smells nice and does not dry out your skin. My skin felt cleansed and soft.

The Balance Toner is also really nice! I am a big fan of toner. My skin just feels so fresh after this toner!


Merlot Moisture Day Cream & Nourishing Night Cream

Vine•Vera Merlot Collection Review | Everything Obsessed Vine•Vera Merlot Collection Review | Everything ObsessedVine•Vera Merlot Collection Review | Everything Obsessed Vine•Vera Merlot Collection Review | Everything Obsessed

These two products are, hands down, my favorite part of the whole collection. As mentioned above my skin has been quite dehydrated over the last few months (thanks, Boston winter). While I have been drinking more water lately, this is not enough to hydrate your skin, haha!

I do love creams, however, there is nothing I hate more than a cream that just sits on your face, making it slimy for ages. But not a problem here! These Day & Night creams are so rich and thick but absorb into your skin quickly. As I said above, I honestly notice such a difference in my skin since I started using this collection, and truly believe it’s especially because of these two products. Also, I have been told by beauty experts that good moisturizers absorb into the skin quickly! 

These two will stay part of my daily routine forever! They are everything I could ever want in a moisturizer!!

Resveratrol Merlot Facial Exfoliant

Vine•Vera Merlot Collection Review | Everything Obsessed

The Resveratrol Facial Exfoliant is quite nice but not the exact type of exfoliator I would use usually. I prefer exfoliants with more grains….it’s just a personal preference though. The quality on this exfoliant is of a high standard, as I’ve found with all of Vine Vera‘s products.

Resveratrol Merlot Refining Peeling

Vine•Vera Merlot Collection Review | Everything Obsessed

I LOVE a good peeling mask, and let me tell you guys this is a good one! It smells nice, doesn’t feel hard on my skin, and just as importantly…is not painful when taking off!! Great results. I personally feel that a peeling mask is so essential to your weekly routine! I love that the collection has this peeling mask and that is so good!

Overall I really love this collection. I think it is so good to have a routine with products all from one collection. Collections are made of products that work together. The Merlot Collection really is good for anyone out there and is quite reasonably priced for a high-end skin care collection. I truly believe that your skin is so important and what you put on your skin is extremely vital to long-term skincare.

*Thank you to Vine Vera for collaborating with my on this post. Make sure to follow them on Twitter 


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Disclaimer: Vine Vera DO NOT test their products on animals. If they did, I would of course not reviewed these products. 

Thank you for following along! If you are on Amazon please consider buying through this link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it helps me continue to bring you this content for free! xoxo

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